What I'm Watching and Listening To Lately

I am amazed by how much free content there is online for photographers of all levels.  Topics ranging from basic operation of your camera to advanced techniques for professional photographers.  I thought i'd take some time to share what i've been checking out lately.   


My favorite podcast lately has been "This Week In Photo" or "TWIP".  Frederick Van Johnson hosts a weekly show that discusses what's new in the photography world and how it might effect photographers and their businesses.  Topics have included everything from gear options, changes to copyright laws and best business practices for photographers.  

Next on the list is "RAW Talk"  hosted by Jared Polin of "Fro Knows Photo".  Jared is a little edgy for some but has a ton of information for photographers.  Once you get past the giant fro and all of the sales pitches ( he has to pay the bills!) you find a ton of amazing content from video "Rapid Fire Critiques" to a ton of other great content.  What's interesting to me is watching Jared grow his brand and abilities right before your eyes.  He shares the challenges of what he is doing so that you can learn from it.  

Matt Granger, formerly known as "That Nikon Guy" is another great resource for photographers.  He and his lovely sidekick Tina have a ton of fun doing actual shoots to explain some pro photography basics.  They also have a series of You Tube videos called "Educating Tina" that go through everything from choosing gear to shooting portraits.  



Chase Jarvis
Chase is everywhere and does it all.  From HDR to video to his amazing photography he continues to inspire and amaze me.  He also looks like he is having a blast doing it.  You just have to see his site and you will hopefully see what I see.

Zack Arias 
I stumbled upon Zack in a video on You Tube called "Cheap Camera Challenge".  You just have to see it to believe it, what he is able to do with a really bad camera and a handheld flash unit.  

Well that is just a little taste of what i've been watching, reading, looking at.  Hope you enjoy.