Time Not On Your Side?

Lately i've found it hard to get out and shoot.  Kids, work, volunteer work, housework and all things that have to get done, get in the way.  I love photography and not doing it isn't an option.  So I had to find a workaround.  I discovered that I don't even have to leave my house to enjoy my passion.  I've decided to do photo walks of my own home and see what I can see that looks good through my lens.  I've been surprised by what I have found.  I've photographed everything from kids shoes, leaves in the backyard, coffee beans, bottle caps and best of all my own sons.  All this without leaving my house.  

So pick up that camera and photograph something, anything!  You might be surprised by the results  See mine below.

I saw an image on 500px and it inspired me to grab my coffee beans and a mug and voila.

I try to keep my camera by my side when I'm home so I'll be ready for any shot that might present itself.

We installed a new bottle opener on our deck and my wife created this makeshift bottle cap catcher. I love the way the edges of the caps look in B&W.