Yet Another Podcast To Tempt You


Here is another podcast to tempt you.  My goal is to post once every two weeks.  The topics will cover all aspects of photography as well as my journey as a photographer/blogger and now podcaster.  I've been making images since 1976, have worked as a pro and am now jumping back in the game to see where it takes me.  Photography is part of who I am not what I do.  I know that my photography has come a long way but still has far to go. While I am not an expert on gear or be able to explain the inverse square rule I do believe I have something interesting to say and I am hoping that you will agree.  I hope to start conversations regarding all things photography.  I hope to grow my knowledge and understanding of photography through my interactions with you.  So hold on tight, it may get bumpy and please comment, comment, comment on what you hear!